Use the General tab to specify the SmartObject name, description, location in the category tree, type of SmartObject, and if you want to use this SmartObject in workflows. Complete the information and then click Create.

Fields Description
Name Provide a name for your SmartObject. Note that every SmartObject must have a unique name.
There may be restrictions in the characters you can use and the length of the name that you can specify. For more, see KB002544- Item Naming: Known Restrictions and Limitations
Description Specify an optional description of the SmartObject.
Category The category folder where the SmartObject is to be located
The type of SmartObject:
  • SmartObject: A SmartBox SmartObject to which you can add properties and associations
  • Advanced SmartObject: A SmartObject that can be based on one or more service types, and allows you to add and change methods