You can find views in the category where they were created or deployed, and you can see a view’s properties and perform other actions on the view.

Members of the security administrators role can apply View Authorization to views. For more information see Authorization Overview.

Field Description
Delete Delete the view.
Move Move the view to another category.
Copy Make a copy of the view in another category.
Design Edit the view in K2 Designer.
Run Run the view without parameters.
Run with Parameters Run the view with parameters.
Run Test Run the view without caching.
System Name Displays the view's system name.
Versions Displays the version history of the view.
Created Displays the date that the view was created.
System ID Displays the unique view ID (GUID).
Last Deployed Displays when last the view was deployed to the server.
Created By Displays the user who created the view.
Parameters Displays the parameters defined for the view, in a list. This list can be refreshed to show any changes to the parameters associated with the view.
Security Configure view security.