SmartObject Filter - Using List Method

K2 Studio - Adding a filter using the SmartObject List Method

The following example shows how a SmartObject method can be used  to filter data by using the SmartObject List Method.

While using the E-mail Event, click on the ellipse to open the Context Browser on the Message Body screen. Open the List Method and drag the Get List Method into the Message Body. The SmartObject Wizard will open.


Fig. 5. SmartObject List Method

The Filter screen opens. A Filter can be applied to minimize the number of records that will be returned upon execution of the activity. Click on Add to add a filter.


Fig. 6. Filter screen

Feature Description How to use it
Add Adds a new instance of a filter  Click Add to add a new instance of a filter
Insert Inserts a new instance of a filter above the filter that is currently selected Select a filter, then click Insert
Remove Removes an existing instance of a filter Select a filter, then click Remove
Group Groups two or more instances of a filter together Select the instances and click Group
UnGroup Undo the grouping of instances of a filter Select the instances and click UnGroup

To provide more clarity on the application of the filters, the following Expressions have been configured. In this instance, expressions 1 and 2 have been grouped to be evaluated together and expression 3 to be treated separately. In mathematical terms this would relate to the following:

(Amount < 10000 AND > 1000) AND Description = Stock


Fig. 7. Add and Group Filters

 Click Next to specify the Return property


Fig. 8. Select Return property

 Click Finish, then complete the E-mail Event wizard.


Fig. 9. SmartObject Method listed

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