Row Replication

Use Row Replication to replicate rows using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. It's necessary to replicate rows when you have childA relationship between two objects established by a lookup or a master-detail field. relationshipsSalesforce says, "A connection between two objects, used to create related lists in page layouts and detail levels in reports." that are related to your DocGen PackageA customizable package that consists of your Salesforce data, documents, and delivery configurations for documents you want to generate..

For example, say you want to create multiple rows of data in a table for each Case number related to the Acme Co. Account. Below will show detailed instructions depending on which Microsoft program you are using.

To watch video tutorials on how to use this Nintex capability, take the CERT: Nintex Document Generation Practitioner - Salesforce in Nintex University.

Replicate rows in Microsoft Word

Replicate rows in Microsoft Excel

Replicate rows in Microsoft PowerPoint