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Field Tagger

Use the Field Tagger to select tagsA prefilled word block that DocGen selects for fields in your DocGen Package. The tag is a placeholder for the value being retrieved from Salesforce and it gets replaced with the relevant information when the document is generated. that you can insert into your templatesA document (typically Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF) where data from Salesforce is inputted to be transcribed when the document generation process is initiated. and DocGen Package fields. The Field Tagger will use tags in DocGen Package fields and replaces it with a dynamic value. While the document is generated, the Field Tagger replaces the tags with information from Salesforce.

The Field Tagger is the location where you can add, view, and maintain tags for your DocGen Packages. The Field Tagger allows you to choose the object you want to work with and easily insert the field tags into your templates for your DocGen Package.

To view video tutorials on how to use this Nintex capability, take the Nintex Drawloop DocGen for Salesforce - Beginner course in Nintex University.

Access the Field Tagger from a DocGen Package

  1. Open the DocGen Package you want to work with in DocGen Packages.
  2. Select the Field Tagger button in the top right corner.

Access and configure the Field Tagger