Field Tagger

The Field Tagger displays tags from your DocGen Package fields to get a dynamic value A stored value that is found on any record field within Salesforce. when the document is generated. Use the Field Tagger to copy tags A prefilled word block that DocGen selects for fields in your DocGen Package. The tag is a placeholder for the value being retrieved from Salesforce and it gets replaced with the relevant information when the document is generated. from fields in your DocGen Package and paste them into your templates A document/file that can be added to a DocGen Package. Data can be filled into the document/file. or DocGen Package fields. The tags are replaced with information from your Salesforce org.

In the Field Tagger, you can add, view, and maintain tags for your DocGen Packages. You can choose a starting object that you want to work with, then insert the field tags into your templates.

Access the Field Tagger

Before you access the Field Tagger to display your tags that you want to use, configure your DocGen Package with the information that you want. To access the field tagger, do the following.

  1. Open a configured DocGen Package.
  2. Click Field Tagger in the top-right corner. The Field Tagger panel displays.

Add tags from Relationships

When a Relationship is created for your DocGen Package, you'll be able to find the Relationship tags in the Field Tagger.

Each time you add or delete a Relationship, or if you update an alias or the Repeat By field, the Field Tagger panel will refresh to show your updated tags.