Customize actions with specification extensions

You can control how your Xtension behaves within Nintex Automation Cloud using Specification Extensions and other OpenAPI keys.

Specification Extensions provide vendor-specific capabilities within the OpenAPI Specification A standard, language-agnostic description of RESTful APIs that can be read by both humans and machines. Formerly known as Swagger.. They can be single key-value pairs or complex objects, and can be added almost anywhere in the OpenAPI Specification. They are prefixed by a special code so that they don't disrupt the rest of the OpenAPI Specification.

In Nintex Automation Cloud you can use Specification Extensions to hide or rename a custom action A task that can be performed or triggered within a workflow, such as moving a file, sending an email, or using third-party API functionality. from view in the Workflow designer, create a drop-down field populated with values from the API, and much more.


Create dynamic or predefined fields

Customize appearance

Example Xtensions

Below are some example Xtensions that showcase specification extensions: