Find a suitable API

When creating an OpenAPI Specification A standard, language-agnostic description of RESTful APIs that can be read by both humans and machines. Formerly known as Swagger. to integrate an app, you must make sure the API A programming interface that defines how software can be interacted with by other software. can be supported by Nintex Xtensions. To be supported, an API must:

Tip: If you want to connect an unsupported API, you can create a small piece of code called a serverless function A service that allows you to run code without provisioning and managing a web serve to host it. Examples include Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. to pre-process unsupported operations A single request to a third-party API. Operations often become actions in the workflow designer. and responses between Nintex Automation Cloud and the API. This is explained in more detail further on.

OpenAPI Specifications must be written in JSON to be imported into Nintex Automation Cloud. You can convert specification formats from YAML A subset of the human-readable JSON format that uses indentations instead of braces and brackets. YAML can be readily converted into JSON. Nintex Xtensions supports JSON only. to JSON using the editor.

Looking to upload a product or service's published OpenAPI Specification? See Import a third-party specification.

Note:  Events A task or occurrence that can trigger the start of a workflow, such as a form submission or third-party API event. are not yet supported by Nintex Xtensions. For more information on what is currently supported, see Limitations and Known Issues.

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