Use the Lookup function to retrieve data from a SharePoint list based on a filter.

  • The Lookup function is not supported on Nintex Mobile.
  • The Lookup function currently does not support returning multiple rows and will only return the first row. For more information about limitations in New responsive forms, see Current limitations of New Responsive Forms.

Function format

Lookup(List name, Filter column name, Filter value, Output column name, Server relative URL, Array separator)

  • List name: The name of the SharePoint list to retrieve data from.
  • Filter column name: The name of the column in the list you want to filter on.
  • Filter value: The value used by the filter. Each item in the list is compared against this value, the first list item matched will be returned.
  • Output column name: The column in the list from which you want to retrieve data.
  • Server Relative URL (Optional) - The URL to retrieve data from a list in another site.
  • Array Separator (Optional) - The separator with which to separate the elements in the array.

Note: The Array Separator applies to a single column containing an array (e.g a Multichoice column, not a collection of returned items).

Lookup example

Lookup("Invoices", "ID", "1045", "Title","/sites/Sales/APAC", ",")

This formula returns the value from the output column Title. If the value in the column Title is John, the formula returns the value, John.