Pause for Duration

Pauses the execution of the workflow for a configured period of time.

External configuration

Under the following external configuration, this action is not fully bounded by your Office 365 tenancy as it either calls outside of the tenant or executes on servers potentially running outside your region. For more information, see In-tenant and external actions.

  • Business hours only is selected

Action settings

Do one of the following to open the Action configuration window:

  • Double-click the action.
  • Click on the action and then click Configure.

See Action configuration window for more information.

Field Description

The number of the days for the duration of the pause.


The number of the hours for the duration of the pause.


The number of the minutes for the duration of the pause. (Default: 5)

Business hours only

When enabled, this action uses business hours only for the duration of the pause.

For example, a task is assigned Wednesday at 4 P.M. and is configured to wait four hours before sending a reminder. Since the work day has been defined as Monday to Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., a reminder will be sent at 11 A.M. on Thursday.

For more information about how to use Lookups in configuration fields, see Lookups in action configuration fields.