OneDrive upload file

Uploads a file to OneDrive.

Note: This is an external action and may execute on servers running outside your data center Centralized locations used to house servers used by Nintex for remote storage, processing, or distribution of data. Nintex has a number of regional data centers available for Nintex for Office 365. For information about Nintex data centers and where your data center is located, contact your Nintex account or territory manager. region. Before implementing, consider performance and regional concerns where digital boundaries are an issue. For more information, see In-tenant and external actions.

Action settings

Do one of the following to open the Action configuration window:

  • Double-click the action.
  • Click on the action and then click Configure.

See Action configuration window for more information.

Field Description
File to upload

Select one of the following items.

  • Existing SharePoint content: Use this option to upload an existing file from the current site. Enter a site-relative URL to the file.

    Example: Shared%20Documents/statement.docx

  • Content: Use this option to upload a file. Enter the text to insert into the file to be uploaded.

    For example, insert a reference to the initiator.

    Note: The file type is determined by the extension specified for the file name.

  • Current item (option available for workflows associated with lists): Use this option to upload the current file that the workflow is running on.
Destination folder

Specify the name of the destination folder for the upload. Example: \Public\Folder A\Subfolder A

Destination name

Specify the filename and extension of the file to upload.

Overwrite file

Specify whether or not to overwrite if a file with the same name already exists in the destination folder.

  • Yes: Overwrites any existing file of the same name.
  • No: Does not overwrite any existing files. If a file exists with the same name, then a number is appended. For example, if a file already exists with the name "Filename.ext," then the uploaded file is saved as "Filename(1).ext."
Authorizing user

Specify an email address to receive the authorization request for the action. External email addresses can be used.

Uploaded file URL

Specify a workflow variable to store the URL of the uploaded file.

For more information about how to use Lookups in configuration fields, see Lookups in action configuration fields.