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Office 365 Query User Profile

Queries properties in SharePoint user profiles. Use this action to retrieve information about a user, such as the user’s account name, work telephone number, job title, or work email address.

Note: Empty values are returned for private or disabled properties (where Default Privacy Setting is set to “Only Me” or Policy Setting is set to “Disabled”), with the exception of private properties where the queried user profile matches the specified username (credentials used for the query operation).

Action settings

Following are the fields and options visible in the configuration settings dialog box for this action. For more information about the configuration settings dialog box, see Configuration settings dialog box.

Field Description
SharePoint Online URL

URL of the SharePoint Online website domain to use for the query.

Example: https://targetdomain.sharepoint.com


(Displayed for new and updated actions.) Managed credentials.

Username / Password

(Displayed for legacy actions not yet updated.) Unmanaged credentials.

  • Permissions required: to query user profiles.

Note: As a best practice, manage credentials outside your workflows by updating actions to use connections.

User's email address

Email address of the user whose SharePoint profile you want to query.


Property to query in the profile of the specified user. Examples of properties to query: Manager, Department, Phone.

Store property in

Text variable to store the value of the property.

Advanced Lookup: Displays available lookups. Click Insert to insert the specified configuration into the field. For more information, see Work with lookups.

For information about using lookups from the drop-down list, such as List Lookup, see Work with lookups.