400.BLR: Custom Service Brokers

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This learning module describes how to extend the K2 platform with custom service brokers. Service brokers are used to expose back-end systems as K2 SmartObjects. It is possible to create and register custom service brokers when K2 does not provide an out-of-the-box broker for a particular technology. In this module, we will discuss the architecture of the K2 SmartObject component and describe how to implement, register and use custom service brokers to expose non-standard providers as K2 SmartObjects.

This module is intended for technical roles like .NET developers, programmers and solution architects with knowledge of K2 SmartObjects, C#, .NET code and working in Visual Studio to perform programming tasks like creating assemblies, inheriting and extending base classes, and using attribute descriptors. This module is not suitable for non-technical roles or participants that do not have experience writing .NET code.

At the end of this module, participants should be able to create and register custom SmartObject service brokers to expose back-end systems as K2 SmartObject Service Objects. Participants should also walk away with a good understanding of the implementation considerations and approaches for creating custom service brokers. Finally, participants should understand the differences between the static and dynamic service broker approach and should be able to create a service broker using either approach.

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