Functions are building blocks that you use to create results using operations and expressions. A function returns the result of operations performed on input values. An expression is built by combining operators and values that evaluate during a workflow. Function objects are displayed in gray.

Functions allow you to build simple to complex expressions in any field when designing a workflow. The expressions allow you to calculate dates, concatenate text, do logical and regular expressions, perform math calculations, and perform some file operations. These functions and expressions can be used in rules and as a method to change data coming from another system. Functions are used to both evaluate a condition (true/false) and to return a result, which can be of any type that the K2 platform offers.

The Functions are located within the Context Browser > Function tab.

For example, you can use the Smartfield Composer to reduce an employee's first name to the first letter for use as their initial in an email greeting, using the Left text function.

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