DDP Learning Center

Learning how to make DDPs is fast and easy! Check out the “Create a DDP” video to learn how DDPs are made inside of the Salesforce CRM cloud solution. You will learn how to assemble attributes that will eventually become part of your document generation workflow. Such attributes include:

  • Template Files

  • Methods of Delivery

  • Updates to Salesforce

Why the Cloud?

What do you need?

What is a DDP?

Our document solutions are delivered in the cloud, so there is never any hardware or software to install, no maintenance contracts, and no costly implementation. Every feature of our solutions are available on demand, from any computer anywhere in the world, and delivered through any web browser.

Drawloop offers a simple yet revolutionary way for you to automate document creation in the cloud. In minutes, you can automate the same documents your business has been using for years. Merge and automate to any combination of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. All you need is your documents!

DDP stands for Dynamic Document Package. A DDP includes one or more documents that will be merged with data and packaged into one single document for delivery. As an example, your sales contract is a DDP. The DDP documents are organized and controlled by the DDP administrator, without exposing any of the original documents to users.